In order to meet our own high standards of workmanship and provide the highest quality as well as the best finishes. We work with specific and carefully selected leading brand suppliers such as;

  • B&Q
  • Crown Paints
  • Dulux
  • Topps Tiles
  • Tile Mart
  • Plumb Factory
  • Magnet
  • Holden Thompsons¬†
  • Hadfield

Our relationships with these companies help us offer you better rates, but also offers you reassurance of the quality you will receive when we come to replace your damaged contents. Alternatively, in the event where we cannot provide a perfect replacement, our suppliers enable us to offer you a suitable alternative, which will be based around value, style and size.

As we pride ourselves on our high standards of work, our suppliers are reviewed regularly so that we can continually assure our customers of the quality they will receive. That being said, we have been known to look into more bespoke alternatives where appropriate.