Surge Services

At Heightvale we have the resource and capability to scale up in times of surge. Many of our staff are multi-skilled and when needed, can be deployed to the field to assist with inspections in and instant to help ease the pressure that public services, local governments and communities in general can begin to face. Furthermore, our administrative staff are also multi-skilled and able to perform additional duties if required and both teams have a flexible approach to offer out of hours and weekend coverage.



Additional capacity is also available in the form of carefully selected approved subcontractors who can carry out both inspection and reinstatement services. The re-assignment of staff is additionally supported by a large stock of well maintained drying equipment in our warehouse. Our normal procedures of monitoring and auditing are maintained throughout a surge period to ensure high levels of customer care at all times.


How quickly can you respond?

We have been known to respond as quickly as 30 minutes, that being said a lot of that comes down to location, but like emergency services, we aim to respond as quickly as possible.

What areas do you cover?

Heightvale covers the whole of the North West of England, which includes the likes of Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria including the Lake District to name but a few. However, in times of surge we can be available nationwide. We believe if we can help no matter where you are, we have a duty to do just that. Help.