Buildings Claim Journey

At HeightVale Ltd., we understand the stress and concern arising from submitting a claim to your insurer. It can cause confusion, worry and disruption on a scale that you may have never previously experienced. Therefore, Heightvale endeavour to assist with making the journey as simple and as stress-free as possible, by overseeing every aspect of our area of appointment.

To elaborate upon this statement, you may have previously noted that HeightVale Ltd. are a comprehensive supplier who can assist with multiple-aspects of works, from stabilisation visits to limit further damage, to the drying of the property and the signing off as viable for building repairs to commence. In addition, Heightvale Ltd. can also carry out mould/trauma remediation works, over to the full building aspect of the claim to include storage and restoration of any household contents. Heightvale Ltd. does it all.

However, most insurance companies will not appoint the same company for all the above. Therefore, whilst from a continuity perspective, we appreciate it would make sense to appoint Heightvale for the entirety of the claim, it is unlikely this will happen. Therefore, you will be advised of which aspect/s Heightvale Ltd. have been appointed to undertake.

Once appointed upon the building aspect of your claim, the claim journey is a fluid process, as follows: –


  • Upon our initial instruction at Heightvale Ltd., you will receive a telephone call within 2 hours of ourselves receiving the documentation in relation to your claim
  • At this point, a dedicated claims handler will contact you via telephone, to discuss further details of your claim and begin building a customer profile for yourself. We will discuss whether yourself, or a family member within the property identifies you as a vulnerable customer, and if there is any key information that we will require for your file.
  • We will then discuss the reported damage in further detail, allowing us to can appoint the appropriate surveyor for the job. Here at Heightvale Lt., we have several specialist surveyors who deal with specific areas, from subsidence, internal cracking, floods, escape of water, externals, fires and more.
  • The handler at this point will then briefly discuss the claim journey, what will happen next, and they will be available to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Following the above, your file notes will then be finalised passed over to our diary team for the booking of the surveyor’s visit.


  • You will receive a telephone call from our diary team who will arrange a surveyor’s visit directly with yourself. They will ensure that the time and date is convenient before confirming the date in the diary.
  • The file will then be passed to your attending surveyor to allow them to read the report from the insurance company and the information taken from the handler so that they are familiar with your claim, prior to their attendance.
  • Upon arrival at your property, the surveyor will introduce themselves, and ensure that you are comfortable with their attendance and inspection prior to entering.
  • Following this, the surveyor will inspect all affected areas, alongside appliances, kitchen/bathroom units etc. if applicable.
  • They will check over separate rooms, and take any required measurements, alongside discussing the areas of damage with yourself.
  • Once the surveyor has completed the above, they will then discuss with you any material choices you may have to make for your claim. They may leave paint colour charts with yourself and discuss laminate and wallpaper allowances and other choices that may need to be made. If there is a vast amount of material choices to made, due to time constraints, the surveyor may contact the office to book a timeslot to re-attend with samples to ensure that the time is allowed to assist you in this area.
  • Upon our surveyor’s arrival back at the office, they will complete their report, flow of works, materials list and health and safety packs for all site trades. This documentation will then be passed to our scheduling and planning team who will submit the report over to the insurers for their approval, prior to Heightvale being given the authorisation to complete any works.



  • Upon the receipt of approval from the insurance company, you will then be allocated with a claim’s handler within Heightvale’s Head Office. This person will be your dedicated claims handler, who will assist you throughout the duration of your claim with us. You will be given the claims handlers name, telephone extension number and e-mail address to keep lines of communication open for yourself, during office opening hours.
  • Prior to booking in any works, if there is a policy excess outstanding to be collected by Heightvale Ltd., this will need be collected prior to our system allowing us to confirm any dates for yourself. You can contact Heightvale on the telephone number provided and request our accounts department to clear this balance.
  • If strip out works are required prior to Heightvale beginning reinstatement, we will send in our damage limitation team to carry out these works. Once completed, our surveyor may re-attend to check over the areas that were not previously accessible during the initial visit. Here, there may be additional damage captured, which will be reported upon and sent to the insurers, or it may serve as confirmation that all has been captured correctly during the first visit.
  • If drying is required following an escape of water claim, at this point, we would advise the drying company that we have completed initial strip out works, and they will then arrange a monitor drying visit directly with yourself. We must then await the completion of drying certification, prior to going any further in the claim journey.
  • If a skip is required, we will discuss with yourself where would be best to place this. If placed onto a drive, you may require we place down ply board to eliminate possibility of damage, if a permit is required, we will also arrange this aspect of the claim for you.



  • Once we are ready to book in the restoration works, you will receive a telephone call from your claim’s handler, ensuring that you have no holidays or appointments booked that we may need to avoid. To allow access if you are not present, you may wish to have a key safe fitted, or pass on a key to the attending trades that will then be locked in head office for any attendees – this aspect is a personal choice and is entirely up to yourself. Once we have taken any inconvenient dates from yourself, the workflow will then be passed to our trade diary team who will allocate the correct trades for your claim.
  • Once returned from the diary team, your claims handler will then contact you to confirm the dates offered.
  • Once confirmed with yourself, you may receive a call/email from our dedicated materials department to confirm your material choices if these have not been made on the surveyor’s visit. Occasionally, there can be lead times on materials which we may have to work around. For laminate and solid wood flooring, there must be a degree of acclimatisation time within the property, prior to fitting. Therefore, these will be delivered to yourself a few days prior to fitting.
  • Following your confirmation, you will receive a letter/email from your claims handler to confirm the dates and the works to are to be carried out on those dates, for you to refer to as required.



  • HeightVale Ltd. employees are CRB checked, fully trained professionals who take pride in working at HeightVale. We enforce strong customer values, experience, and professionalism at all times, and we aspire to ensure properties are well protected during our work within the property. We appreciate that this is your home, and we will treat your home with the respect that it deserves throughout your claim.
  • Following every trade visit, you will receive a telephone call from your claims handler to ensure that you are satisfied with the days works. If there has been anything left unsatisfactorily, we will endeavour to request the trade to re-attend to put this right to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.
  • During your journey, you may have visits from your surveyor to ensure that all works are running smoothly. The surveyor will have a conversation with you if you are on-site to ensure that all of our works are satisfactory to date. If there are any problems, please discuss at this point with your surveyor so that we can ensure that we make this right for you.


  • Upon completion of your claim, you will receive a telephone call from your claims handler to advise that all works are finalized and to ensure that you are happy with the works and the lifetime of your claim to date. At this point, we will sign off the job with the insurance company.
  • We will then advise you of our standard 2-year guarantee upon all works (not to include general wear and tear). You will receive confirmation of this 2-year guarantee in the post, upon a dated letter for your own records.


The above is a simple claims journey flow. However, there may be slight amendments to this journey, dependant upon your claim type.

For larger claims, that have multiple damaged rooms and a higher overall claim value, we may appoint one of our site managers, who will supervise the full claim, with frequent visits. The site manager will oversee the job from start to finish. Site Managers are our most experienced trades. Often trained in multiple aspects of building works, they also have their own workforce teams that will attend where required. They will discuss the claim with you in a similar way as the claim journey above, however, you will also have a claims handler within the office also to answer any simpler queries that you may have.

Drying and Building Refurbishment Specialists

Heightvale’s skills in both specialist drying and subsequent building refurbishment mean a minor claim or a major complex loss can all be recovered, replaced and refurbished in one way or another. Our expertise has been amassed over more than 70 years experience. As specialists at drying and refurbishing buildings we understand how distressing being impacted by flooding, be it through burst pipes, burst river banks or long periods of heavy rain can be, that is why our services allow for thorough assessments, swift action and great results.

Building Services We Offer

As a “one-stop-shop” contractor we offer a wide array of services, which enables us to offer faster completion dates as well as providing peace of mind for our customers. Going one step-further, as part of our service, we offer advice to clients on the best course of action for their individual circumstances. Our range of services includes:

Planned Maintenance

A speedy response to emergencies or planned projects, Heightvale will action appropriately. In addition we are able to recommend a competitively priced maintenance programme for commercial properties.

Full Inspection and Reporting

Detailed inspections which will separate event related damage from maintenance issues, Heightvale will also give a detailed quotation for our clients to consider.

Building condition surveys

Specialist inspections from qualified surveyors can often be needed, Heightvale have the necessary experience to complete this type of survey and provide a appropriate risk assessment and method for reinstatement.

Project Management

Whilst all works which are on going will receive regular audits some works require a dedicated project manager to control and direct more complex jobs


Installation of plasterboard, bonding, skimming and structural repairs


All pipe work, installation of sanitary ware, full bathrooms, showers, cubicles and vanity units


Installation of kitchens, creation of partition walls, replacement floorboards, skirts, bespoke cabinet making


From boundary walls to new builds – all aspects of brickwork, block work and stonework covered

UPVC and Timber

All types of window and door replacements


Wall and floor tiling of all sizes and quality

Damp Proofing

Chemical injection and tanking

Controlled Drying

We specialise in targeted and controlled drying using appropriate drying programmes directed to the affected areas to speed up the drying process


Pipe work and heating installations – all by corgi registered technicians


Safety Checks, Repairs and Installations – All by NICEIC registered technicians

Floor Coverings

Laminates, tiles, parquet flooring, solid wood flooring, safety flooring, carpets and vinyl


Flat roofing , tiles, Slates, ridges, metal sheet , lead work , guttering

Painting and Decorating

All aspects of decoration covered, we specialise in this area and maintain a high standard of work

DDA Upgrades

Ramps, handrails, tactile paving etc.

Chemicals and Machinery

By having a distribution network we have access to a myriad of products ranging from soot & carbon stain removal through to the latest in anti-microbial technology. We sell cleaning machines, buffers, extractors and polishers and all the related solutions.


We have contacts in Stonemasonry for high level building facade restoration, stone carving, cleaning & restoration

High Level Rope Access

For difficult to reach cleans, recovery and if banner securing/advertising

Thermal Imaging

We have the capability to carry out infra-red/thermal leak detection for non-invasive electrical safety checks, loss of heat, damp investigations etc.

ULV Fogging

Using high volume-low pressure units we carry out fogging to reduce odours, suppress carcinogenic carbons and penetrate difficult to access areas to combat bacterial spread. Metal works – Installation of railings, wrought iron fencing, gates etc.

Drainage and Groundworks

CCTV drain surveys, Jetting, repairs, concreting flagging etc.

Suspended Ceilings

Supply and installation of numerous suspended ceiling solutions


What is meant by building services?

We use building services as a generic term to summarise all of the services we offer our customers. As a “one-stop-shop” contractor we are capable of performing simple bricklaying work to more complex content restoration jobs thanks to our team of highly-trained staff, each with their own specialty. This further enables us to assign the right team member to the service you require, thus ensuring our high quality standards are delivered.

Why are building services important?

Due to the level of skill required, experience needed and in many respects the time required that construction work can take, building services play a more pivotal role in society now, more than ever. It’s these skills that are called upon in the event of insurance claims being made when damages have occurred.

What do building services do?

Heightvale’s building services are there to advise and implement on construction restoration needed, we assess each claim individually before we begin any install or restoration and always offer cost-effective solutions on the building services required where possible. However, our primary goal is to get things back to how they were. This could mean we undertake such works as; content restoration, roof repair, electrical rewiring, groundworks for drainage repairs or simply bricklaying work.

What areas do you cover?

Heightvale covers the whole of the North West of England, which includes the likes of Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cumbria, which covers towns and cities such as; Bolton, Salford, Wigan, Blackpool, Liverpool, Carlisle and Manchester as well as national parks like the Lake District to name but a few.